Proof Public School

Proof Public School


Proof Public School, Itarsi is a premier education institution in Hoshangabad District which is imparting quality education at the Primary level. The school has grown over the years in a very professional and systematic manner and enjoys the reputation of being one of the best schools in Itarsi. Foundation of school was laid on 26 Feb 1971. The formation of school was driven by the necessity for good quality English education for the children of staff and combatants coming on posting to CPE, Itarsi.
In the eighties, the school earned the reputation of the best school in the Hoshangabad District and had the distinction of hosting various dignitaries such as Union ministers and Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh. Even today, despite being a privately run body, it continues to show the way in high quality primary education owing to the best practices being imbibed and followed by its staff and high standards of bench marking. It has undoubtedly carved out a niche for itself in Hoshangabad District in general and Itarsi Tehsil in particular due to the relentless efforts and perseverance of all involved in the development and betterment of the school.
The aim of PPS is to provide quality educational facilities at primary level (Nursery to class V), to provide an amicable atmosphere enabling environment for all round development of the child and to inculcate love for education, good habits thereby laying a sound foundation to the child


Quality education facilities at primary level.


To provide an amicable atmosphere and enabling environment for all-round development of the child


To inculcate love for education and good habits, thereby giving a sound foundation to the child.